Healthy Breakfast Foods On the Go!

By: Amber Colvin

Are you watching your weight? Are you trying to make healthier choices? Are you often tired and searching for energy to make it through the day? The answer in the morning isn’t grabbing a coffee or skipping breakfast, it’s to EAT!

It’s a myth that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight; in 2013, Cornell University did research in Physiology & Behavior finding that college students ate about 145 calories more at lunch when they ate nothing in the morning compared to days when they ate breakfast. Missing breakfast results in snacking and overeating throughout the day. For this reason, missing breakfast can be detrimental to your weight goals.

Eating breakfast is the simplest thing to do in the morning to set the tone and give you energy to start your day on a positive note. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a grand meal; we get that most days are about grabbing what you can to get to work or school on time. In order for breakfast to be healthy, it doesn’t always need to be made in your kitchen! Here are a few healthy options for the next time you’re on the go:

Panera Bread:


Power Almond Quinoa Oatmeal – 290 calories with 8g of protein.



Egg and Cheese Sandwich – 360 calories with 19g of protein



Spinach and Feta Wrap — 290 calories with 19g of protein

Dunkin’ Donuts:


Egg White Flatbread – 280 calories with 15g of protein



Greek Yogurt Parfait – 160 calories with 8g of protein

For a healthy morning, stay away from the chicken minis, bagels, sugary donuts, and muffins these restaurants provide. But everything in life is about moderation! Live a little and grab the sugars from time to time, but keep in mind these healthy options. Don’t skip out on breakfast, after all it is the most important meal of the day.


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