The Gluten Free Donut

Eating gluten free has always been a tough task, but the increasing number of people eating gluten free has led to the increase in gluten free offerings. When I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease 14 years ago, there were only a handful of restaurants where I could safely eat, and the selection was far from ideal. Safe to say I didn’t eat out often. Fast forward to the present and I can walk into dozens of restaurants in Charlotte and I can choose from a robust menu of gluten free offerings.

Even with all of the improvements around gluten free food, the most difficult gluten free item to find is the donut. Whether it’s because of their difficulty to make, or because donut shops don’t want to worry about cross contamination with other baked products, gluten free donuts are very rare. Lucky for you (and my tummy), I did some hunting in Charlotte and was able to track down a few ways for you to get your hands on a gluten free donut.


Green Flute Cafe

There now exists a dedicated gluten free restaurant in Charlotte! Green Flute Cafe serves breakfast and lunch and makes everything gluten free! Founded by a couple in south Charlotte, their goal is to create an environment where people who eat gluten free don’t have to worry about cross contamination. For $10, you can get a dozen gluten free donuts of assorted flavors that they make every day! While you’re there, make sure to check out all of the other pastry options that they have like cheesecake, tarts, and many different flavors of cake. With all the gluten free options available, this restaurant will definitely require more than one visit for Celiacs individuals like myself.


Jane’s Gluten Free Bakery

Located at several different locations, Jane’s provides gluten free baked goods to the Queen City. Even though they don’t have one specific location, you definitely have to find the location closest to you to track down one of these chocolate cake donuts! The best part? They come in packs of 4! Definitely have to get my hands on these delicious gluten free donuts! You can find them here!


Kinnikinnick Donuts

No, this isn’t a specialty donut shop, but Kinnikinnick has been a major part of the gluten free scene for a long time! Typically found in local grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, Kinnikinnik offers a variety of gluten free donut flavors. From maple glazed to your basic vanilla, you can keep Kinnikinnik in your freezer to make sure you always have a donut on hand. Though they are a little on the small side, they have tremendous flavor and are very well made. If you can’t make it to a specialty shop but still want the gluten free donut experience, I definitely recommend going to the grocery store and buying Kinnikinnik!


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