Best Breakfast in Charlotte

If you’re like me, then you love breakfast more than any other meal. Nothing starts my day off like eating a great breakfast! In my time living in Charlotte, I’ve had the opportunity to eat breakfast at a lot of great establishments in the area. Here are a few of my favorites for your enjoyment!


Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House is a great classic breakfast joint. With locations in South Park and Midtown, Original Pancake House offers a complete breakfast menu with anything from pancakes to crepes. My personal favorite is getting the Philly Cheesesteak Omelet. The large omelet also comes with three of the restaurant’s famous pancakes to make for a very filling meal. Original Pancake House also has a quality gluten free menu, offering pancakes, omelets, and many other options! If you’re getting breakfast in Charlotte, definitely check this place out!


Original New York Bagel

Located in Huntersville, Original New York Bagel is a small, family run breakfast place that makes a great bagel! If you’re trying to eat on the go, definitely try out the variety of over a dozen different bagels and bagel sandwiches that they have to offer. For those looking to sit down and take their time, Original New York Bagel also makes very tasty omelets. Whenever I am near Huntersville, I always try to stop at Original New York Bagel. With fantastic family service, a variety of options, and fantastic taste, Original New York Bagel is arguably my favorite breakfast place in the Charlotte area!


Famous Toastery

Another classic breakfast joint, Famous Toastery is a fantastic upscale restaurant with locations in Ballantyne, University City, and Davidson. Famous for their “flapjacks”, Famous Toastery offers a variety of well crafted breakfast choices like omelets, french toast, and quiche. Famous Toastery also offers a quality lunch for those who are in the mood to eat something other than breakfast. When I go to Famous Toastery, I prefer to eat the flapjacks because they are cooked to perfection and large in size. Definitely a must-eat breakfast restaurant in Charlotte!


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